Tables or HTML in nixpkgs manual

We have tried to add both gfm tables and HTML tables and they didn’t render.

Are there no options to render tables in the manual?

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The operators page contains a table in GFM. There are some quirks because we’re using mdbook, but mostly it should work fine.

Corrected by fricklerhandwerk below.

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Operators are in the Nix manual which uses mdBook. This thread is about the Nixpkgs Manual which is rendered by a bespoke tool built to get rid of DocBook.

@alejandro check the cross compilation section, it contains a table. The contribution chapter has notes on the markdown customizations. @pennae would know more details.


The table support has only just been merged so make sure you have up to date Nixpkgs checkout (previously, only the Nixpkgs manual supported them through Pandoc). It uses the GFM syntax: Plugin extensions — markdown-it-py

HTML is not allowed because we target various non-HTML formats like man pages.


Thank you all!

While trying to add tables in the documentation we noticed that the chapter “Contributing to this documentation” was outdated and we opened a PR.