Tailscale exit-node not working on NixOS

When I enable a Tailscale exit node on NixOS with sudo tailscale set --exit-node=xxxxxxxx the computer loses all internet connectivity. Note the following:

  • I’m getting the exact same behavior on 2 different NixOS computers
  • The exit node configuration works fine on my other computers - specifically Windows, Ubuntu, and Android

The specific behavior on NixOS:

  • With no exit node configured in the Tailscale client, public internet connectivity is fine and connectivity to remote Tailscale nodes is fine.
  • But when I enable an exit node in Tailscale, the computer loses all WAN connectivity to both the public internet and to remote Tailscale nodes
  • I’ve tested with Mullvad exit nodes and also a private exit node (on AWS) and the result is the same
  • Enabling an exit node with the --exit-noide-allow-lan-access flag works as expected - local network access works when the flag is true and not when it’s false

Never mind - the answer is right there on this page: Tailscale - NixOS Wiki

It works great after I set services.tailscale.useRoutingFeatures = "client"

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