Taking a break in 2024Q1

Hi everyone,

I’ll be mostly away for the first quarter of 2024 for $LIFE reasons, and wanted to let you know since I’m involved in way too many things and some of you may be affected by my absence. This means I’ll remove all my CODEOWNERS entries, unsubscribe from all ongoing GitHub threads that aren’t actionable for me, and won’t participate in any meetings. Please don’t ping me for reviews until I’m back. I’ll still be reachable on Matrix for socialising.

I won’t stop working entirely, and the plan for this period is to slowly finish all open pull requests and address all issues I’m assigned to. I’ll also publish the Nix documentation team and Nix maintainer reports, both of which are already months overdue because of other priorities.

Thanks to all the amazing people I had the pleasure working with in this awesome year of Nix. Keep writing things down! Hope to see you again soon.




Hi Valentin, we are definitely going to miss you.

Thank you very much for everything you have done so far and for all positive energy you gave to us.

Looking forward to see you soon again!