Taking a step back

As a moderator, I see it as my task to protect this community and its members, and especially vulnerable and marginalized people. But when I look at those people discussing the Nix project, especially outside of the community, it becomes clear to me that I did not live up to these expectations. Of course I know that this isn’t all on me, I’m not egocentric, and I’m by far not the sole person in a position to change things. But a lot of times, I was in a situation where I had the power to do the right thing, and lacked the courage to do so. I would like to apologize to those who I’ve let down, those who already quit the project –silently or not– because they did not feel comfortable or welcome anymore.

When I joined the team almost half a year ago, things were on fire, and things are on fire now more than ever, and things have never really stopped burning in between. Especially due to the recent events since NixCon NA, my relationship with the project has been deeply disrupted and my desire to continue fighting for improvement has left me. I will thus be stepping down from my position in the moderation team within the next week. It is time for me to take a step back and watch from afar whether the known and ongoing issues will finally be fixed, because I personally don’t want to be an active part of that anymore.

About my other Nix related projects and involvements, I do plan to continue working on them eventually, however I will likely take a longer break from everything for now. I’d really appreciate it if other people would pick up some of the open tasks in the meantime.

Take care everyone, and let’s hope that one day I’ll find this project in a state where I’ll want to join the active forces again. And always remember, in the end this is just a silly stupid software project, and not worth sacrificing yourself for!


I do not agree with you at all. I think you’ve been doing a great job. Parts of this situation been impossible for you or any other moderator to fix quickly, IMO. I’m glad you’re going to get a break, but please don’t feel like you’ve let people down.




Very sorry to see you go but I understand your decision. Thank you for all your effort in trying to make the community a better place.


Thank you for taking care of yourself and not just us. It takes strength to walk into this fire - that is not diminished by walking out of it again, nor does it undo all the help and effort.