Tandoor Recipes with Nginx Proxy Serving Media?

Has anyone had some luck getting the tandoor-recipes.nix to work with a Nginx reverse proxy and have Nginx serve media?

No mater what I try, I get the following warning and images are not loading:

Media Serving Warning

Serving media files directly using gunicorn/python isnot recommend! Please follow the steps describedhereto update your installation.

I think the issue is with where the staticfiles and mediafiles are located on the file system, as I am not able to find these directories. Below is my best guess on what the .nix would look like based on this Manual - Tandoor Recipes and https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/d02d818f22c777aa4e854efc3242ec451e5d462a/nixos/modules/services/misc/tandoor-recipes.nix.

  services.tandoor-recipes = {
    enable = true;
    port = 8888;
    address = "";
    extraConfig = {
      SECRET_KEY = "Sectet_key used for testing";
      ENABLE_SIGNUP = "1";

  services.nginx.virtualHosts."tandoor.example.com" = {
    enableACME = true;
    forceSSL = true;

    locations."/static/".alias = "/var/lib/tandoor-recipes/recipes/staticfiles";

    locations."/media/".alias = "/var/lib/tandoor-recipes/recipes/mediafiles";

    locations."/" = {
      proxyPass = "";
      proxyWebsockets = true;

Any suggestion on how to get this working?

Thank you