Tauri Apps - lets build it with Nix!

Hey folks!

I am super excited about Tauri. Tauri is a Rust and WebView-powered Electron-alternative.

tauri.studio → Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend | Tauri Studio

The project, team, and the product/infra/tooling they’ve already built is quite impressive to me:

  • automated benchmarks for example apps vs Electron
  • GHA for producing final release-able apps for all platforms automatically
  • Rust and JS tooling
  • Vue helpers and a create-tauri-app starter

It feels like a project with serious momentum and serious vision and determination.

I suspect we will need to build something in nixpkgs to make it relatively easy to package these Tauri apps. I don’t have a lot of experience orchestrating more complex builds with Nix, nor do I have a lot of (any) experience with Tauri but I’m excited and wanted to start a discussion.

For now I’m mostly just expressing interest in case someone else wants to chat about it or tinker with me.