Teams-for-linux, Screensharing and Wayland

Greetings, and apologies if this is in the wrong spot!

Just curious if anyone else has had issues with the latest Teams-For-Linux package from the nixpkgs (both 23.11 and unstable). I unfortunately use teams for work and currently if I attempt to screen-share, its a cropped and slightly lower resolution version of the monitor I am sharing. Also there’s no preview, or way to see which monitor is being shared (however this appears to be something that’s gnome related and being worked on - seen here

Work around:
Dropping into gnome x11 completely resolves this and works like a charm - bit of screen tearing on my vertical mon that i use for reading articles / music but not awful.

Potential wayland workarounds attempted:

Using Chrome on wayland:
Does not resolve this completely, I get a different set of issues. The refresh rate isnt quite up to par doing it this way and if I’m clicking around or demonstrating something – the viewer gets confused whats happening.

As mentioned - I have a remedy, x11 while working, which is fine. However I am curious if this is a me thing or simply a growing pain of wayland currently or perhaps not known.

I dont know if this is something worth dropping into github nixpkgs or mentioning to the maintainers, never done anything like that and dont want to bother someone needlessly

small spec sheet:
nix 23.11.1779
Kernel 6.1.67
gnome 56.2


Teams-For-Linux is not the version Micro$oft delivers in the browser since it’s a project that isn’t really related with Micro$oft. If you or other people experience the same issues open a github issue upstream GitHub - IsmaelMartinez/teams-for-linux: Unofficial Microsoft Teams for Linux client
If it is a problem only with the version in nixpkgs/nixos open a issue in our repo.

cc @chvp @lilyinstarlight @QJoly (because they maintain teams-for-linux in nixpkgs)

understood and thank you,

I attempted to add to a thread here

See what they come back with - and maybe see if anyone else in here is having issues :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since I’ve had to screenshare in a meeting, so I haven’t noticed any problems. I’ll test it out sometime soon.