"telegram-desktop" no longer in Nix binary cache?

Since very recently, all my machines build “telegram-desktop” from source, although

  • I’m on NixOS 23.11 stable
  • don’t have overlays active that change its inputs
  • don’t manually override anything from the package

A friend of mine experiences the same on his machine.

TL;DR: It appears that telegram-desktop is no longer in the Nix binary cache. What’s going on there?

Reproducer: $ nix build nixpkgs/nixos-23.11#telegram-desktop

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The last build timed out: Hydra - Build 255304720 of job nixos:release-23.11:nixpkgs.telegram-desktop.x86_64-linux and this error is cached on Hydra. Timed-out builds are not automatically restarted as the timeout might be due a bug in the code being built and that would lead to an (infinite) rebuild-loop overloading Hydra.

As telegram-desktop is not critical for most users, this failure did not block the channel from advancing.
You might have luck asking asking someone in the infrastructure-channel on Matrix to retrigger the build.

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