Tensorflow on 20.09 Mac

What’s the status of tensorflow on mac? So far I have tried tensorflow_2, tensorflow, and everything seems to want to build from source.

It’s not in the binary cache because one of the dependencies (httplib2) cannot be built on Darwin:


I didn’t fully bisect, but it seems that the built of httplib2 broke in the last update from 0.18.1 → 0.19.0. If you want, you could open an issue for it (or try to fix it and do a PR).

There may be other issues building Tensorflow 2 on Darwin as well, but this is what is currently blocking the build.

Oh, wait, I read over the 20.09 part. The build fails in Tensorflow itself:


Seems like the string header cannot be found. Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac, so it’s hard to debug this any further. Also here, it may be best to open an issue and CC the maintainers of the Tensorflow derivation.

Thanks. I was also trying to look up the issue in the hydra logs. I poked around the nixpkgs source, but the tensorflow packaging is definitely above my pay grade. I don’t know how to setup a dev environment for debugging the bazel build. I’ll open a GitHub issue.

Can these kinds of fixes be backported to the last stable release?

Have the same problem building tensorflow on Darwin. The failure may have something to do with ccacheStdenv cannot find libcxx on Darwin · Issue #34817 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, but not sure yet.

Edit: Weird, this looks more like building python3Packages.protobuf3_2 on OS X fails due to string include · Issue #26531 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, but that issue has been closed.