Thai language? How?

While I speak English, I live in Thailand with a Thai partner.
But I don’t see any Thai language in regional settings so that she can use nixOS in her native language.
Am I missing some setting somewhere to get this to work?
Any help would be appreciated

I would assume that setting i18n.defaultLocale to th_TH would change the language in the apps that supports Thai, but I haven’t tested it myself.

There is no Thai language listed in Region settings to select and change.
I don’t want the default system to be in Thai. She needs to change when needed or from within her profile.
Setting i18n.supportedLocales =[ "th_TH.UTF-8/UTF-8" ]; makes no difference either

which regional settings are you talking about? within gnome or something?

the regional / language switch is in my KDE settings.
at the end of the day, I need to switch nixOS in to Thai language

does anyone else have suggestions how to get a user profile to completely use Thai language?

and secondly, such as under Windows, macOS, Android or iOS , I can use a language switch to switch languages. is this possible with nixOS/KDE for Thai language?

You could try adding the language in question to supportedLocales, and then set the LANG env variable to it in the user’s session init scripts. I’m not sure if KDE under wayland still executes ~/.xsession, or if it in fact supports that variable, but that’s what I’d try first.

If the usual UI for it doesn’t exist/isn’t working, probably not currently. Unlike Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, this is an open source project maintained largely by volunteers, and doesn’t have the financial backing or engineering time you get if you’re one of the world’s largest organization’s competitive interests. And unlike debian, ubuntu, arch and other similar projects, this project has a much smaller community to patch up problems like this one over time.

Given the relatively small KDE maintainerbase around here, it’s unlikely that the current maintainers will get around to fixing this anytime soon. In their words, they’re “busy enough just keeping the lights on”.

This is disappointing from an inclusivity perspective, and a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem (if you don’t translate your software nobody will join to help translate it), but ultimately there’s limited engineering effort to go around, and the orgs that actually pay for effort on NixOS don’t typically care much about desktop use cases, certainly not KDE.

I’m sure patches to make internationalization features in KDE work would be very welcome, though. If more KDE users contribute to nixpkgs themselves, these kinds of problems will disappear much like they have in other distros.

From a quick search, qt/kde need language packs of some form. Thai may simply not be packaged for NixOS yet, but I know neither ecosystem well enough to point at the problem.

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