Thaiger Sprint (Feb 2024)

Hi everyone,

Visiting Ocean Sprint myself a couple of times got me hooked. It is amazing to see what a group of people can accomplish by focusing on projects together for a week while having a good time.

Sprint events are an enabler for the community and we should have more of them throughout the year.

Therefore, I’d like to announce Thaiger Sprint 2024 in Thailand.

Check for all the information.

There is a limit of 20 participants.
The registration will be closed on November 20th.

Sponsoring us will allow the attendees to focus more on coding and less on logistics.

If you’re interested, reach out to



See you all there :slight_smile:


We are still looking for some amazing companies that are willing to sponsor the sprint supporting community members to hack on nix.

If your company is interested in getting their logo on our Website/T-Shirt or in reserving a seat last minute, please reach out at or simply message me here on discourse.

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Hey, I’m curious, how did it go? Are there any reports already from people who attended?

Once there are, it would be great if they could be gathered here :smiley: