The garn devlog

garn is an effort to give a Typescript-based alternative to Nix, and an easier CLI interface. It’s been discussed before, but development is happening very quickly, so I thought I’d create a devlog thread here. If you don’t want to hear more about it, you can mute it, and if you do, you can follow it.


Version 0.0.18 has been released.


export const project = haskell.mkHaskellProject({
  description: "",
  compiler: "ghc94",
  src: ".",
  executables: ["foo"],
  // This is new
  overrideDependencies: {
    "string-conversions": "",

And you get the correponding version from Hackage, rather than the default one from the package set. This is as easy as Stack, but with the power of Nix.

  • garn enter top-level Environments. Previously Environments, unlike everything else, didn’t really work at the top-level, and instead had to be part of a Project.

And a new release, with the ability to easily import local and remote flakes. E.g.:

const flake = garn.importFromGithub({
  repo: "martinvonz/jj",
  revOrRef: "v0.11.0",

export const devEnv = garn.emptyEnvironment.withDevTools([

This should help incrementally moving over if that’s your thing.

Full blog post: garnix | the nix CI

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Seems interesting. The CLI is written in TS, yes? How do you like TS for CLI work?

It’s actually written in Haskell! The CLI has to be a different program than the garn.ts file users write (since, among other reasons, otherwise syntax errors in the file would leave you with a completely unusable garn; and things like garn init wouldn’t be available). Mostly for reasons of familiarity, we wrote it in Haskell. But it kind of really is just the CLI - all the more substantive logic is in TS.

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