The "How did you install Nix" poll

Hi, after the Nix installer workshop which happened earlier today, we are curious to know how people are installing Nix. This will be important to know where we should focus first :+1:

If you installed Nix in single user mode, we would be very happy to read about your use case :slight_smile: Don’t be afraid to leave a message :partying_face:

  • I use NixOS (nix is core component)
  • I installed Nix daemon system-wide (regular installation)
  • I installed Nix single-user mode (no need to be root for installing)
  • I installed Nix using my system package manager
  • I never installed Nix

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I started by installing NixOS on my personal laptop for learning. I also using NixOS on my work laptop. I have Nix installed on my daily driver desktop under Linux Mint. Hopefully, one day it will be a NixOS machine as well.

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Technically, my main system is «I want a Nix-managed OS that is not NixOS, so I hit NixOS install script with a rock until installing Nix on an empty drive was the thing left»

(I do use some Nix-on-Debian setups initialised with the normal Nix installer, too)


I installed singled user into WSL before I got systemd-genie to run and later switched to nixos-wsl.
I also tried using the debian packaging a longer time ago but it was generally out of date and made systemd support optional which is not really what you want because NixOS is a systemd shop.
I also installed nix in multiuser mode (aka daemon mode) when I was still using Debian/Ubuntu/Franken Debian but since then I switched every installation to NixOS because it is just easier with less variations.

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I am part of a team that maintains extensive collection of R and Python packages for a large (hundreds) community of data scientists so that they don’t have to waste time fighting the compatibility issues. We build the closures (the “bundles”) on systems with multi-user nix setups but deploy them on systems where nix is installed in the single-user mode. That “admin” user is the only one who has write access to the nix store, the regular users don’t use nix at all.


Aye, NixOS-WSL or similar injection scripts should be an option. Might just fund out how many of us rely on default images but want Nix experience regardless.

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Nix + nix-darwin + home-manager and NixOS

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