The issues with the NixOS and some thoughts on them

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Našťastie na tú najposlednejšiu sekundu organizátori odstránili Anduril ako sponzora NixConu.

The defense contractor was not removed as sponsor of NixCon NA 2024.


Thanks for the feedback, it is already fixed.

I am sorry, your analysis is very weak and also very counter productive - you are spreading fear and panic without any attempt to help. Please stop doing that and I suggest to invest your time in some solutions instead.


Your suggestions what to do next are very naive. I expect that most of the people here have much better understanding of situation. May I ask what was the reason you wrote this blog post and published it here?

Linux communities (and NixOS the most) are people who are overwhelmingly anti-arms companies.

I have no data on whether that is true or not, but it is certainly a bold claim. There are at the very least plenty of very loud people in the broader Linux community who are explicitly not anti-arms-dealers.

For the particular discussion you’re referencing, the broadest consensus against the sponsorship I could gather was “let’s not get involved in this and the obvious political message it would send”. Did the discussion draw out far more strict stands for & against? Oh you betcha. But drawing either of the extremes as the broad consensus is a disservice to everyone - and in particular to the project.

To put it in slightly less aggressive terms an equivalent would be “the sponsorship agreement with Manchester United is divisive - let’s not get involved in football”.

I suppose the extremes would then land somewhere along the lines of “football is a crime against humanity” and “the anti-sport faction wants everyone to be unhealthy - they obviously hate our children”. Again, drawing either of those as the broader consensus would only be a destructive stance. It is either unhelpful or serving a very specific purpose.


And then, imagine if it wasn’t actually about football at all, but about the World Cup being held in an autocratic regime, and the Nix logo being displayed side by side with a family, that’s known to abuse slave labor, while building the stadium (not naming names, we’re not getting into politics, right?).

What do you think: How many people would (in a misunderstanding?) attempt to straw-man the whole thing being about football?


Taking for granted the presence and welcomeness of arms manufacturers seems to me to be most of all a US (and US client state) thing. (Even people in most other imperialist countries don’t have quite so much reflexive acceptance of war profiteers.) Historically, the Nix community has not been very US-centric (which is why NixCon NA is so much newer a thing than NixCon).

At the same time, many of these new startups that want to productize Nix (most notably DetSys and Flox, but also Jetpack, replit, and others) are US-based tech startups with US-centric financing. The expectations of those companies and probably their employees are going to tend towards more US-centric views by default, and with that, indifference (or even warmth) to the US military-industrial complex.

Anyway I don’t see Linux or NixOS users and developers per se as particularly anti-military or anti-war, but I think some of those fault lines can be traced in the historical geographic distribution of the Nix community and in the geography of new money coming in.

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