The magic of Nix

Hark, who goes there? Oh, tis you. Sit by the fire and let me tell you a hero’s tale, a journey of search in magic and great power.

Far off in a place mystical and wondrous, there lived a novice. This individual longed for the power of magic, to become a great wizard! But for a novice to become a wizard, one must possess the right tools and abilities. The novice knew of many different magical items, but was interested in something special.

The novice knew what was required. The wondrous wand that can wield any magic, the mystical wand called nix. The novice traveled across marshes, forests and mountains to reach a cave. Inside the novice found the wand hovering and glowing at the deepest end of a cavern.

Upon grabbing the wand, the cave lit up and a voice rang out. “To wield this wand you will need the tome of deep knowledge, a spell book known as nixpkgs. It can be found in the cabin of wisdom.” Gleefully, the novice journeyed on.

The novice traveled through a glen, over wooden bridges in a swamp, up to a snow covered cabin nestled in a valley where repo trees stood. There in the warmth of a fireplace, the spell book known as nixpkgs sat on a podium. The novice picked it up and knew that great power was within it’s pages.

The novice spent time learning how to modify the spells, chain them, and create overlapping spells. The wielder had to channel the power from the pages into nix to create objects out of thin air. The novice gained ultimate control by seeing the way the spells depended upon each other, how to deploy them in different ways, and how to use them for best effect.

After a while the novice walked out of the cabin, up to the repo trees nearby. These trees possessed the spirits of the ages. The novice waved the wand and cast a recipe of spells to recreate the spirits of the trees and combine them to make a steed that was imbued by the spirit of NixOS. The spirit could harbor wards, duplicate and travel to other entities and take many forms.

With all the pieces in place, the novice sat in the cabin to study, learning the ins and outs of the spell book known as nixpkgs. The novice took time to gain the knowledge of how to create and build wondrous structures and mechanics, which lead the novice to even start writing a personal spell book that could be channeled from. The novice had unlocked the power of nix and became a wizard of legend.

So the legend goes. They say that ever since, worlds have been created that did not exist before. But I’ll let you in on an open secret. Now everyone can wield the power of nix, nixpkgs and NixOS.