The Nixcon 2019 CfP is now open!

The call for papers for this year’s Nixcon is now open and we have already started receiving submissions!

The deadline you are seeing now (20th September) is only preliminary but should at least be in the correct ballpark.

Go forth and submit amazing talks!


BTW I live in Brno in case anyone needs some information or help about the town etc just DM me.

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I want to remind everyone the CfP is still open and closing in just over a month!

The CfP is closing on the 10th of september, so hurry up! :wink:

The CfP is closing in a week!

Personally I’d like to see more newbie friendly talks submitted.

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Do you have some data how many attendees are mid-beginner level?

In my current situation, it might not be possible to attend nixcon. Are remote presentations possible ? is there some founding to sponsor students/people without a backing company ?

Can you send a mail to and then we can figure something out? There aren’t any guidelines regarding that but me might be able to help out.

We do not have those details yet. We might add that to the questions asked during booking and send out a request to update the details. I can bring it up on our next meeting.

Do you have something specific in mind?

I think just asking attendees what level of Nix they consider to be (ideally, giving some guidance what goes where) would give a better idea how the talks should be structured.

Any updates on the selection of talks?
It’d be great to know whether or not I have to actually prepare a presentation :smiley:

We are currently working on the schedule. I have enabled the “sneak” feature for a few talks that are likely to happen. Still waiting on a few speakers to confirm that they will really give the talk.

If your talk isn’t on the list it just means that we haven’t gotten around to process it further. I am trying to get this done until the end of the week and a schedule soon after.


Since it looks like we will still have time for more talks I’ve (reopened) the CfP for about two weeks. Feel free to submit your ideas for talks/lightning talks.

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