The NixOS manual on desktop is not updted

There is a NixOS manual on my Gnome which is just a simple webpage. I never use it but I just found that it’s still for 21.05 while I’m using unstable. Where is it come from? How to remove/update it?

Hmm, I’ve never used the GUI iso, but does it come with a manual pre-put on the desktop? That would make a ton of sense, maybe it even copies it to the installed system.

Anyway, if the manual isn’t a symlink into the nix store, it’s not managed by nix and there isn’t really a way to update it, unless there’s a service you enabled that creates it. Since it’s outdated, I’m guessing you enabled no such thing - and in fact you’d have to write your own service :slight_smile:

It should be safe to rm, or delete using your favorite DE’s functionality.

If you do want to have handy access to a local doc, you can use nixos-help. Make sure you don’t disable documentation.doc.enable and documentation.nixos.enable, then that command will just open the current manual version in your browser (assuming xdg-open or $BROWSER are configured correctly).

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Oh, I’m sorry, it’s 22.05. It just opens file:///nix/store/dgksc604zckcx9l688vl9f8a86mr1ni5-nixos-manual-html/share/doc/nixos/index.html, maybe it uses nixos-help under the hood. Thanks for your reply!

Ah, so it’s a .desktop that does that. Interesting, wonder what installs that.

I guess it’s something enabled by Gnome since I have no such settings.

documentation.nixos.enable is enabled by default on NixOS and it installs a desktop file so it will be in Applications view of GNOME Shell. But that should still launch the manual for the active NixOS system.

Plasma ISO includes the manual launcher on the Desktop and GNOME ISO pins it to the dash (bottom panel) but that should not carry over to actual installation.