The right words in the right place

A retrospective on efforts related to improving the nix documentation, by @fricklerhandwerk

tl;dr You may not believe it, but Nix documentation is getting better. Nixpkgs and NixOS still need more time.

19 Likes is amazing, I learned a lot from the new articles.


I agree. And I am happy it’s constantly improving!

Thanks for posting. This went to the Tweag blog rather than on Discourse for multiple reasons:

  • It currently has more reach that way
  • There is an editorial process (which also introduced a delay though)
  • It pays tribute to Tweag and Antithesis funding my and @Infinisil‘s work during all that time
  • The blog post format fits the personal message I‘d like to send, as opposed to presenting the documentation team‘s perspective

Thank you for that blog post! I am very interested in the different NixOS teams, and this post was highly informative. As a recent newcomer to Nix, and more recent newcomer to NixOS, I am very grateful for all those efforts that the docs team dedicated to easing the learning process around Nix!


I hope the NixOS manual will get some love too. It’s a huge one-page document with weird suggestions like to use nix-env to install software or to use useradd to add users which is confusing and not the best way to do things on NixOS

2 Likes is looking really good. Much gratitude to all of the people who have worked on this. I will be sure to share the blog post etc