The Summer of Nix 2021 report is out

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that the Summer of Nix 2021 report is out. Organizing this event was a very interesting experience and I hope the report shows why. I tried to be quite open in it, covering motivation, decisions that we made, and how the program turned out including a long list of contributions and feedback that we gathered.

A big thank you and a lot of respect to everyone who has participated: applicants, participants, mentors, organizers, report reviewers, volunteers. I am quite happy about what we have achieved given the constraints we had. Ups and downs are documented in the report and available to learn from it to go further!

If you have thoughts or ideas, please comment below or reach out to


Thank you for the report!

It has been an interesting read!

Though what I am missing from the conclusion… Is there a future for similar projects, assuming the funding is not a/the ptoblem?

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Hey @NobbZ , We are currently discussing about this. I hope I can send out more information by the end of this month.

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