ThinkPad Fibocom L850-GL modem driver module + service flake

Hi, guys, I have packaged PCI driver for which is a WWAN modem card for most of the ThinkPad Laptops.

I also included a nixosModule which helps you to easily set up the service.



    netkit.xmm7360 = {
      enable = true;
      autoStart = true;
      config = {
        mycard = {
          apn = "3gnet"; #your APN here
          nodefaultroute = false; # Setup default route so laptop uses 4G LTE when Wi-Fi is unavailable
          noresolv = true; # Don't contaminate my DNS config
      package = pkgs.xmm7360-pci_latest;

Despite being a hacky driver & toolkit, it works quite well with aid from systemd management.

Tested on nixos-unstable on X1 Carbon 7th Gen.

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I feel really dumb because I don’t think I understand icebox or netkit in how you refer to it as a “plugin system”.

They seem to appear to be NixOS modules.
What’s the difference ?

icebox the repo is deprecated. There is no plugin system anyway now. netkit.nix is a flake that you can use.

  1. Add netkit to your input of your flake.nix.
  2. Include the nixosModule you need.
  3. Configure in your source.

See here for example.
It’s my fault for not making it clear.