ThinkPad T14s trackpoint stupid working after a couple seconds

The title says it’s all really.

I’m using a brand new install of NixOS with Gnome on a Thinkpad T14s (AMD), which I presume is using Wayland because I see that there is an explicit “Gnome with xorg” in the session list which I’m not using.

I’m new to NixOS and also to Wayland. The touchpad works just fine but the trackpoint works for a couple of seconds before stopping completely.

I’ve tried removing psmouse and re-enabling it but it has no effect.

I also tried switching to the Gnome with x11 session but it does the same thing.

Any help much appreciated :+1:

– EDIT –
So it looks like this is a Wayland issue. If I reboot the laptop and go into the Xorg session everything works well. As soon as I login to the Wayland session the trackpoint breaks and going back into Xorg doesn’t fix it.