ThinkPad T15g1 doesn't react on power button when put to sleep

Hi, I’m experiencing this very annoying issue.

My laptop with nixos wouldn’t wake up after a period of sleep (both on battery and plugged in). The power button blinks slowly (meaning it is in sleep mode), but if I press it nothing happens. If I trigger the sleep state manually via systemctl hybrid-sleep, systemctl hibernate etc the button works perfectly fine and I’m able to get back into the session. Moreover the issue is sporadic and after a few nix flake update and nixos-rebuild switch --flake .#my-machine it might go away for weeks yet it will eventually happen again. There are no error messages nor can I see any pattern. I have tried to tweak the sleep settings, but had other issues appearing, so reverted it back to default state. Here are my current sleep related params in the system:

> cat /sys/power/state
freeze mem disk
> cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
s2idle [deep]
> cat /sys/power/resume
> cat /sys/power/disk
[platform] shutdown reboot suspend test_resume

Any thoughts on how to investigate it further? Thanks!