Thunar doesn't show archive plugin

I’m having an issue with thunar-archive-plugin.
I have installed file-roller and thunar-archive-plugin,

nix-store --query --requisites /run/current-system | cut -d- -f2- | grep -E ‘thunar-archive-plugin|file-roll’

but it semms doesnt work, doesn’t display ‘Extract Here’ and ‘Extract To …’

Thunar needs to be installed as (pkgs.xfce.thunar.override { thunarPlugins = [pkgs.xfce.thunar-archive-plugin]; }). If you use XFCE, you can also set services.xserver.desktopManager.xfce.thunarPlugins option in your configuration.nix.

  services.xserver = {
    videoDrivers = [ "nvidia" ];
    enable = true;
    layout = "us";
    displayManager.lightdm.enable = true;
    desktopManager = {
      xfce = {
        enable = true;
        thunarPlugins = [ pkgs.xfce.thunar-archive-plugin ];
      xterm.enable = false;

this is my config in the configuration.nix. still not work

It looks fine to me; I would open an issue.

I have a very similar setup and it works fine for me with NixOS-19.03.