Tmux sessions do not show up in `who`/`users`/`last`

If I open up a new tmux session, /var/log/wtmp does not seem to get updated with the new session. This can be observed by setting up watch "last -n 10" in one window, and then starting up a new tmux session in another. There’s no login getting logged, at least as far as last can tell.

A little googling turned up, which appears to be basically the same bug report but on Ubuntu. They suggest that this was a tmux bug fixed in a later version. However running with the latest tmux version (3.2a at the time of writing, also latest on nixpkgs-unstable) doesn’t fix the issue for me.

This SO post may be relevant: Executing "who am i" in tmux doesn't show result - Super User. Although I just tried building with --enable-utempter and it doesn’t seem to make a difference AFAICT. Here’s the derivation: tmux-with-libutempter.nix · GitHub.

Just checked this on an Ubuntu system, and it works as I’d expect:

skainswo pts/15       tmux(18443).%0   Thu Aug 26 16:01 - 16:01  (00:00)

Is this the sort of thing I should file an issue for?