Toggling a more verbose build process rather than bare black-box

As far as I have observed so far in my (very novice) experience with NixOS, when running $ sudo nixos-rebuild switch, sometimes there is progressive output informing me about what the package manager is doing, but it is usually fairly sparse and non-specific. It’s mostly just a black box when I compare it to my experience with other Linux distros such as pacman or portage.

How do I tell NixOS to be more explicit about what state the package manager is in whether it is:

  1. downloading packages,
  2. installing packages, and/or
  3. building packages from source?

You can wrap your nixos-rebuild with nom: GitHub - maralorn/nix-output-monitor: Pipe your nix-build output through the nix-output-monitor a.k.a nom to get additional information while building.

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This GitHub project as described in the readme sounds wonderful! If it runs as described, then it should come by default in Nix.