Tomcat9 Configuration - Which Options to use?

My goal is to setup a shibboleth-idp and I need to use tomcat9. I figured out some options to use in my configuration.nix but others escape and confuse me.

So, I wonder:

Where to put the content that usualy goes into /etc/tomcat9/context.xml ?

How to edit /etc/systemd/system/tomcat9.service.d/override.conf ?

On debian I used to activate the servlet via /etc/tomcat9/Catalina/localhost/idp.xml, how do I go about to do that in NixOS?

And finally, how do I grab the Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) if there is no package to be found?

Any hints are greatly appreciated!

tomcat hasn’t had a maintainer in nixos for many years now. Often times the package is out of date which has security implications. There aren’t (m)any people who know how to use it at all. I would highly advise not using the nixos module or package. And unfortunate state, but currently the one we are in.

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Thank you for your insight. I guess I’ll be looking for alternatives then.