Towards a Rusty/Memory Safe NixOS Future

I wonder how viable a Rustified future for NixOS is, for example using Rustls instead of OpenSSL and using Hyper as well. Curl maintianer Daniel Stenberg also mentions Rustls and Hyper in a blog he made December 13th, 2023. I also suggest people to read this:

I got thinking about this because SerpentOS/Solus is going to use Rusttls instead of OpenSSL in their distro. They’re planning to adapt uutils and sudo-rs in the future as well.

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Since every application would need to add support for it, I think it is very unrealistic to think about a system without openssl in the near future.

Single applications sure, but then only in the final system and not in bootstrapping, since rust can’t be easily bootstrapped.

To have a prior example: using libressl in any big application like Firefox was at best a pain in the ass.

Good luck with that. I tried running an autoconf script with it and opened 11 or so upstream issues because there where subtle differences that broke it. One of the learnings from that I took is that autoconf checks if mkdir supports the -p flag by taking a look in the copyright header in the --version (or maybe it was --help?) output.