Trouble Playing Netflix On Firefox

Hi Friends,

I am having trouble playing Netflix on FF. Both my OS and FF are updated to the latest versions, but it still does not work. Any idea where I could be going wrong?

Hello! I’m not updating my machines so often, but Netflix worked fine for me yesterday. If noone has any idea, you’ll probably need to try “getting more information”.

I heared that Netflix use DRM what introduce a lot of problems to play it, especially on linux. Might not be related to NixOS specifically, so you might want to search the internet for that topic.

(I don’t use Netflix)

Yes, Netflix needs the DRM infrastructure.
Usually if you have it disabled and try to play Netflix, Firefox asks you, whether you’d like to enable it.
Does it not do that for you?

You can also go to about:preferences and search for the DRM setting.

Yes, you guys are absolutely correct. I was able to find the solution here and it’s working now.

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