Trouble switching home-manager

My config -

It worked fine until my last switch. I referred the nix-starter config. Don’t believe I have changed any paths.

My home-manager switch --flake . stopped working giving the following error

[sakshat@nixos:~/nix-config]$ home-manager switch --flake .
warning: Git tree '/home/sakshat/nix-config' is dirty
warning: Git tree '/home/sakshat/nix-config' is dirty
warning: Git tree '/home/sakshat/nix-config' is dirty
warning: Git tree '/home/sakshat/nix-config' is dirty
Starting Home Manager activation
Activating checkFilesChanged
Activating checkLinkTargets
Activating writeBoundary
Activating installPackages
replacing old 'home-manager-path'
installing 'home-manager-path'
Activating linkGeneration
Cleaning up orphan links from /home/sakshat
No change so reusing latest profile generation 6
Creating home file links in /home/sakshat
Activating onFilesChange
Activating reloadSystemd
Error: Error switching

Caused by:
    0: Failed to build switch plan
    1: No such file or directory (os error 2)

Same here.
For me it happened after upgrading flake.lock. Older versions are still working.

Duplicate of Home manager failing after recent update

Please file an issue at Issues · nix-community/home-manager · GitHub

I nuked my flake.lock :frowning_face: any way to roll back to a working version besides choosing stable?

Home-manager: a7117efb3725e6197dd95424136f79147aa35e5b
Nixpkgs: e8057b67ebf307f01bdcc8fba94d94f75039d1f6

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