Trouble with building packages

Ok so basically im a gamer, but im a mouse accel gamer which means i use a costum mouse acceleration curve and i use a special program on linux for it. Before Nix i used manjaro but now im trying to switch and i need someone to help me with the commands as it seems i just cant understand what commands turn into in NixOS.

If you can help me the program is this GitHub - systemofapwne/leetmouse: A fork of the Linux mouse driver with acceleration

Hello and welcome! Making this kind of driver work on NixOS means writing a ‘Nix expression’ for its Linux kernel module. That’s a bit more involved than it is to package most software for NixOS, and certainly more than just a few commands. Once someone does do that work and uploads it to nixpkgs, it’ll be as simple as nix-env -i leetmouse to install.

I’m sorry I’m not able to help you directly; I’m not yet very familiar with how kernel modules are packaged in NixOS myself. However, hopefully my reply will bump this thread up to the top of the list again so that someone might notice and be able to help package the driver for you :slight_smile: