Trying and failing to package Mailspring, an Electron app

Hi, I’m very interested in trying out the Mailspring (GitHub) email client, which is a successor to Nylas Mail (Nix package).

Unfortunately, I’ve not had any success.

I attempted to use node2nix, but evaluating the generated expression throws error: illegal name: '.drv', even though there are name attributes on everything I can see.

I attempted to create a derivation that uses the author-provided binaries, but that immediately crashes with SIGILL.

Is there anything obvious that I’m missing? All of the Electron apps I’ve found in nixpkgs use binaries instead of building from source, but that’s obviously failing in my case. As an alternative, are there any from-source derivations of Electron apps that I’m missing?


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I would be interested if it worked. There is a PR to add it to the repository: