Trying to package Rust application fails

Hello, I’m trying to make a package for GitHub - trumank/mint: Deep Rock Galactic mod loader and integration. When building it it tries to compile Windows as well (I haven’t found out a way to make it only do the linux build). Anyways, I’ve gotten fairly far, but it fails with a linking error with mingw32.

Package: gartbin (Cargo.lock is taken directly from the ref)
Error: gartbin

I can send more context if needed.

Does anyone know of a way to skip the windows compilation? Or maybe the package I’m missing to link?

Why didn’t you open an issue directly in the mint repository? To be honest, what you have seems to be related to a direct Windows dependency, so you need to communicate with the Windows API to compile your package. You can achieve this by embedding proton or wine in your toolchain. I’ve got an idea. You could create a Wine or Proton environment using Lutris or GamingOnLinux. then you can compile it. However, it won’t run natively on Linux. If you want it to run natively on Linux, you’ll need to get rid of the Windows-related dependencies.

I have been able to make a Linux only executable on a different distribution (EndeavourOS), and I’m currently using that same executable with steam-run on NixOS. When compiling it, it just also compiles the Windows version at the same time for some reason. So I know it’s possible to compile a Linux version, I just can’t figure out how to tell Cargo to ignore building the Windows version with the Linux one, or get the Windows one to compile correctly.