TTY Keymap for apple keyboards (No X11)

Hi !

I just took the plunge and installed Asahi Linux with NixOS on my M1 Macbook.
As Hector Martin says, I’m now moving my config out of X.Org server and into Wayland.

This means I need to completely rework my system configuration and I’m already stuck even before I could launch a single graphical session :sweat_smile:

The thing is that I want a fully usable TTY before I start digging into the sway/wayland things in case I’m stuck in TTY due to configuration errors but the apple keyboard layouts are quite weird…

I have an azerty apple variant, but when setting the console Keymap with console.keyMap = “fr”, some keys are not properly mapped.
With x11, I would have changed that like that:

services.xserver = {
    layout = "fr";
    xkbModel = "applealu_iso";

And then I would have used the console.useXkbConfig option to have the same config in the console, but if I want to get out of X.Org completly, I need to stop using theses options right ?

I can’t find any other option that could change the keyboard model like with xkbmap… Any idea ?


I’m now moving my config out of X.Org server and into Wayland.

If you had hopes of getting rid of xkb I’m afraid I’ve something to tell you: Sway - ArchWiki

Besides, console.useXkbConfig has nothing to do with, apart from the fact that it uses options in the services.xserver namespace.

Okay, I must admit I’m quite confused with all these names in X :sweat_smile: