Tweag + Nix dev update #10

Hello Nixers,

Some news from the Tweag Nix team since our last update

Content-addressed Nix

Now that most of the basic features are here, @regnat updated the hydra PR to allow it to build content-addressed derivations.
The RFC got also a lift-up to match the changes that had to be made in the design.


@adisbladis is currently applying for another round of funding from nlnet. Hopefully this will allow him to keep working full-time on this. He also cleared the licencing of the different parts (39a88d, 7b35b0 and 7c0901).

Implementation-wise, the repo saw a bunch of minor changes, incuding:

  • some work on the configuration format to make it more intuitive and easier to work with (ea685e).
  • a few modifications to the protocol to make sure that it could be compatible with a pure p2p design as that’s a possible evolution for the tool.
  • The Nar diffing is now slightly nicer (b4d1b8)

Summer of Nix

The summer of Nix got quite a lot of traction, and attracted a number of very talentuous candidates, giving @garbas, @yann and @mmesch a fairly busy interview schedule. But that’s great!


  • A large amount of the needed stdlib functions has been implemented (#323, #324, #284 and #296)

  • This effort also led to refining a bit some aspects of the language (#317)

  • @yannham started implementing an online repl for the language. Still needs a bit of polishing, but you can now (well, soon) try nickel in your browser:


Last but not least, there’s a big event coming up : @yannham and @niksnut, along with a number of other configuration language authors and researchers have created a new workshop on configuration languages.

The call for presentations is open, and there’s certainly room for a lot of Nix-related topics, so don’t hesitate to submit a talk.

Also check out the dedicated discourse announcement