Tweag + Nix dev update #12

A couple days later than planned at is got stuck into the inbox of my scatterbrain self, here’s the last update from the Tweag Nix team (following the previous one here).


The call for testers of content-addressed Nix got quite a bit of success.
A fair number of people tried it, reporting a number of issues and − suprisingly - several managed to fully build a content-addressed system.

  • The most annoying issue spotted was #4806 (also appearing as #4775 and #4513) which got fixed by #4776;
  • Because of an extra / in the urls, s3 buckets didn’t use to work. This is now fixed by #4767;
  • Remote caching was also painfully slow because contrary to the narinfo files, the realisations (or lack of) wasn’t cached locally. #4781 now fixes this;
  • nix run also crashed, and got fixed in #4819

A number of these new small (or not) issues are still open, like #4823 (nix develop crashing), #4821 (nix-shell not doing the right thing), #4820 (nix-store --query failing under some specific circumstances).

Fixes are on the way, but if you want to help making this faster, feel free to chime in in #nixos-dev or #nix-ca and @regnat will be more than happy to point you to the right place to start.


As promised last week, @yannham gave a talk about Nickel at LambdaJam.
The recording is available on youtube, go check it out, it’s worth it! was available on youtube, but the conference organizers have unfortunately made it private.


@adisbladis is preparing the final deliverables for the NlNet foundation (as the project was part of an NGI grant).

He also worked on the load-balancing part, which is the final missing part for having a federated Trustix.

Last, but not least, the project got accepted for a second NGI grant, meaning that @adisbladis will be able to continue working on it for several months at least.

Summer of Nix

With nearly a hundred (!) candidates, the application period for the summer of Nix finished a few days ago.
The team now has to deliberate to select the participants.

And that’s all folks!


I don’t see nix::DerivationGoal::registerOutputs(): Assertion `' failed. · Issue #4256 · NixOS/nix · GitHub listed; is it not treated as part of Nix CAS goal? Maybe it’s not a direct feature but one can’t reasonably even try using it without this fixed.

Well it’s indeed not directly CA related so it didn’t make much sense to put it there (which doesn’t imply that it’s not a serious issue − on the contrary, CA issues aren’t proper “bugs” given that they only apply to an experimental feature, while this one is)

It seems the video is still private. Do I need to sign up for SM membership or it’s going to be publicly available? Super excited about Nickel integration.

Duh, what a shame, it used to be public, but they indeed made it private :frowning_face: . @yannham do you ave a recording somewhere by any chance?

Right now I don’t, but let me ping the organizers. Recordings were mentioned at some point.