Tweag + Nix dev update #14

A slightly delayed update for today, as a large part of the team was away for a company event last week. But still:


  • @yannham got Nickel to properly compile to WASM (#356). This required some refactorings to get everything to work properly and without too many hacks, but it’s now mostly there.
  • Giulio just started an internship to work on improving the typechecking algorithm
  • Also (though it’s nothing new), the RFC on Record overriding is still open, don’t hesitate to check it out.

CA Nix

  • @thufschmitt opened a stack of PRs to fix the “Two Glibc” issue (#4833, #4836, #4838, #4839)
  • He also wrote a number of fixes for some feature that weren’t properly behaving with CA derivations (nix-shell (#4842), nix develop (#4908), nix collect-garbage (#4906))
  • There’s also a PR in the works to allow transparently mixing ca-aware and non-ca-aware builders in the same network (#4905)


And that’s all, folks