Tweag + Nix dev update #30

Hey Nixers :wave:

Yet another (the 30th already!) update from the Tweag Nix team (following the previous one here)

Nix implementation



  • @yannham, with help from the Nix team, started to draft an RFC for using Nickel for Nix #693. The design is still an ongoing work.
  • @thufschmitt improved the small Nickel+Nix POC (here) to make it able to instantiate derivations, and give it a (very partial) support for string contexts
  • @ErinvanderVeen implemented a command to generate simple markdown documentation from a Nickel expression #696
  • @yannham continued working on formalising the type system with support for subtyping (which is the ability, in simpler words, to accept some safe upcasts from a more precise type to a less precise type) in #691

And that’s all, folks


Just to clarify: I haven’t worked at Tweag since 2020 and the PR was done on my personal dime. Not sponsored by any company.


Thanks for the clarification, looks like I got my timeline wrong. I’ve edited the post to make this clearer