Tweag+Nix dev update #44

Hello :ok_woman:

TLDR; in the last two weeks, lot of cool media content has been made (blog, videos, talks to conferences), which means less activity in the code bases :wink:

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Making Nix solve people’s problems :wrench::toolbox:

Documentation :books:

Making Nix work reliably everywhere :penguin::apple:🪟

  • @yorickvp made a PR to switch builtins.match to boost::regex, fixing the occasional stack overflow
  • @yorickvp attempted to stop the overly verbose “Failed to find a machine for remote build” spam in a lot of cases
  • @yorickvp fixed fetchTree paths with spaces
  • @yorickvp added a test for BoehmGC+coroutine interaction, which should make Nix more reliable in the future

Blog posts and media :newspaper:


We were at FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCamp ! :woman_student:t5: :man_student:t3:


Nix seemed pretty popular at both FOSDEM and Config Management Camp this year. The devroom at FOSDEM was filled, and the talks given at Config Management Camp drew a big crowd as well. We’re excited to do it again next year. Hopefully, in a bigger room then. :wink:


:metal: build ethical and reproducible software :vulcan_salute:t6:

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