Tweag+Nix dev update 57

Hello Nixers!
Here are some news from the Tweag Nix Group, following our last update.

Organisational Changes

I (@balsoft) have taken over as the new Tweag Nix Technical Group lead from @thufschmitt. The entire team would like to thank Théophane for his excellent leadership, guidance and work within the Nix community, and wish him best of luck in his next projects!




The Genealogos project is a tool that takes output from Nix evaluation tools and produces SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) files.

Sponsored by NLNet.


Fediversity is a project that aims at making it easy for individuals to deploy decentralized web services. It leverages NixOS heavily for that.

Sponsored by NLNet.

Organist (formerly Nickel-Nix)

Organist is a framework for managing a project’s development environment (package managers, build systems, other tooling, CI, service manager) using the Nickel language, powered by Nix under the hood.

Community Events & Work

Until next time – may your builds be reproducible! :vulcan_salute: