Tweag + Nix dev update #7

A short update from the Tweag Nix team for the last two weeks since our last update

Nix UX

  • @garbas has been opening a bunch of issues suggesting some UX improvements to Nix. Some of them have already been fixed, others are still waiting or in discussion. You can see them with the UX tag on the github tracker.

  • @regnat also started implementing an evaluation cache for flakes. The work isn’t over yet, but preliminary benchmarks show that this can bring some huge improvements (From veeery slow to instantaneous in some pathological cases, around 400% faster in more reasonable scenarios) at the cost of a small slowdown for uncached evaluations:

  • @edolstra moved forward the documentation effort, improving the manpages (36c4d6, 807d963)

NixOS website


@adisbladis has been doing some important background work towards the 2.0 release of NixOps. In particular he got a pre-release version into nixpkgs for early-adopters, and led a meeting with some stakeholders to concretize the design of the new state backend system.


@yannham continues his work on the Nickel configuration language:


  • @adisbladis recorded a new episode with @garbas explaining the rationale behind it. A must-hear if you want to know more on software trusting and how Nix can help with it.



Does NixOps 2.0 supports building from a flake?

Yes it does.

The exact implementation is not yet finalised and is changed in to only allow deploying from a local flake.nix, but not a remote Flake URI.

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