Two computers, one for communication and the other for programming


Is what is described in the title allowed? I’m running NixOS on a Surface Book 2, and Windows on a Surface Pro 4; am I allowed to set up Jitsi on the Pro, and program on the Book 2? This is less of a load-balancing issue and more that it’s easier for me to install important / necessary programs on the Pro. If it’s not allowed, I will make the necessary changes to the Book 2, or use another laptop entirely.

Thank you kindly for the clarification!

No comment on how this would work with Jitsi, but it is a pretty common pattern to work on a machine over ssh.

For me it’s less SSH and more that the machines are right next to each other on my desk; would I be required to use SSH, then?

I think I am not understanding what you are asking. Why does the computers being next to each other matter?

Sorry; I really just want to know if I can use multiple computers for the technical requirements, i.e. Jitsi and my regular programming environment.

Okay, I think now I see what your question is…

Yesterday I was confused by it, and only today I see that it is within the #dev:summer-of-nix category.

So your question is, if its okay to use Jitsi from your powerful machine which doesn’t have Nix, and do the coding from another machine that indeed has Nix?

I do not think its possible, as from my understanding, you need to be able to stream your screen while coding:

computer capable of doing work while sharing screen in a video call

(Taken from

At the end @mat or @mightyiam as main organizers (from what I understand) can say more about this.

I, too, was confused. In particular about the question of what is “allowed”.

I can’t speak to specifics of rules, but with something like a usb HDMI-capture card, you could use one computer to participate in the meetings and stream the screen from the other computer writing the code.

Summer of Nix organizer here. Jitsi Meet is used for video/audio communication and screen sharing.

The screen that is shared is the one that shows the work you’re doing, whether it be running tests, showing documentation or editing code.

Does this answer your question, @shadowrylander ?

If it helps, it’s okay to join the Jitsi Meet session twice in parallel. One for communication and the other for screen sharing.

If I can’t get my system configuration for the Surface Book 2 finalized by the time we begin, if I’m accepted, I may end up doing that; thanks for the suggestion!

Seems a little expensive for me; my friend was also suggesting I could stream my display manager remotely to the Surface Pro 2, which may be easier, if a little complicated.

Yep! Got the information I needed from one of the organizers.

Alright; I got my answer. Thanks for all the help, everyone!

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