Typix: A Nix library for compiling Typst projects

What is Typst?

Typst is a markup-based typesetting system designed to be an alternative both to advanced tools like LaTeX and simpler tools like Word and Google Docs.

Typst Documentation (paraphrased)

Why Typix?

Typix is a Nix library that aims to make it easier to use Nix to manage dependencies for Typst projects. Examples of this include fonts, images/icons, and data. A rationale is provided in this blog post.


Excellent !

I succeeded to have Typst packages working fine in a flake than I’m using for all my Typst projects, maybe that will give you some ideas.

I’ve improved it since but the new version is not yet public. I’ll try to make it public next week.


Yaaay! Looks really cool! Now I know how I will write my thesis, haha

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Defining XDG_CACHE_HOME (or perhaps XDG_DATA_HOME?) in the relevant derivations definitely seems like the way to go, at least on Linux. I’m hesitant to provide official support at this time since Typst packages are experimental, and I don’t want Typix to have breaking changes in the future that make it painful to migrate to newer releases.

For now, I could definitely update the documentation with instructions on how a user could provide Typst packages themselves.