Unable to boot after installation from LiveCD

Hi. Pretty new to nix /nixos so apologies for the basic question.
I just installed nixos using the latest image on your website. I used the gnome 64-bit AMD, downloaded it, burned it onto a usb flash drive with balena etcher and then used it to boot into the live disk.

On the live disk I installed nixos using basically all the defaults (aside from a Colemak keyboard) and no swap selected. I then shut down, rebooted and I had two options (nixos or reboot into firmware interface).

When I select nixos, this is what I see (click for video):

You’ll see a bunch of OK log output and then just this flashing cursor that remains there (for hours…I waited) until I press the hardware button for shutdown and then it shuts down.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? There isn’t any log output or error messages so I don’t have a sense of what’s going wrong…


Is any other TTY usable?

Please try all from 1 to 8, it might be that the DM started on another TTY and the switch over didn’t succeed correctly.

If there is no DM or anything on any TTY, can you at least log into one and check if there are any obvious errors in the DMs logs? Or in dmesg or any other logs related to the boot?

Thanks! This was exactly the right prompt to get me moving again. The TTY was visible, but it turned out I had to boot into emergency / single-user mode and then add some driver config for my NVIDIA gpus (which was clashing with the default ‘nouveau’ nix package I think). I’m into the GUI now! Thanks again.