Unable to follow lanzaboote quick start


I am trying to follow the lanzaboote quick setup.
but I am stuck: after installing nixos and after signing the images, I should reboot in EFI setup mode.

But the secure boot complains with: “Invalid signature detected. Check Secure Boot Policy in Setup”.

So I wonder if I have to manage some other options in the bios, together with the “Reset to Setup Mode” entry.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you,

Just solved by myself:

I discovered an option to force the bios to reset keys to defaults, so that PK was re-populated.
So I turned that option off, cleared PK register only, and it worked.


Which computer/motherboard?

I noticed my Dell XPS did not have a “setup mode” button and deleting the keys was the way to enter it.


I am using a Seedstudio Odysee.
For what I understand, selecting “setup mode” or deleting PK register should be the same, or at lest it worked with my bios. The other registers can be left, for example, you can leave the forbidden keys database.