Unable to get wifi working on Asus Vivobook 14 Go (amd ryzen 5)

So I got a new laptop today, the Asus Vivobook go 14.(Model: E1404F) It works pretty well with linux but I can’t get wifi to work. right now I’m stuck using a usb-c to ethernet dongle and ethernet cord, which is extremely suboptimal.
I found this in lspci:
02:00.0 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. Device 7902
but I’m not sure how to get the driver working, especially in nixOS. i think i’ve heard stuff about the mt76, but I have absolutely NO idea how to get that working in nixOS. i’ve heard about doing things with “boot.extraModulePackages = with config.boot.kernelPackages.<driver_name>” but it appears that mt76 isn’t an option??? I really need help I am brand new to nixOS and have been loving it but i have no idea how to get this working. thanks

Also heres this: HW probe of ASUSTek Vivobook Go E1404FA_... #789eee99a6

It might just be possible that there is no Linux kernel driver for the Mediatek 7902 at this point. Which means there is not much you can do (if I am correct). I haven’t been able to find anything non-official either.

If you want to run Linux on your new laptop, you might want to return this one and research the hardware specifications of an alternative model before ordering that one.

So you think it will be supported in the future? If it won’t ever work then I probably want to return it but if theres a chance of it working some time in the future i’ll just buy a usb wifi adapter to tide me over.

It is possible, it appears Mediatek is contributing to writing kernel drivers for their devices. However I also have no idea when this might be the case. It is a bit sad that it is still the case that Linux device support for consumer hardware is lacking when it comes to certain manufacturers.

You may check this source to see which devices are supported right now:


That being said, did you test if bluetooth is working? I think it should be dead as well. It appears to me that the MT7902 is doing both Wifi and Bluetooth.

As for going forward. You basically have the option to a) send it back and get something different, b) use an external dongle, or c) check if the card itself internally can be replaced by something like an Intel AX200 M.2. However that might be bad for warranty.

I thought bluetooth was working but i just checked it, your right it doesn’t work. I kind of ripped all the stickers off and stuff so idk if i can return it XD but im getting a small usb wireless adapter. I guess I’ll just have to cope if / until its fixed. thanks for your time

just by looking at Asus Vivobooks teardowns on YouTube for 5 secs, I believe you would most likely be able to just buy an AX200 for $20 and install it fairly easily. You might need to do some more research on that.

Because there is no guarantee that this will be fixed any time soon sadly.

Edit: (Sorry, I just hate dongles) :laughing:

Yes, I’ve ripped open a few ASUS laptops and swapping the Wifi card shouldn’t be too bad. I’m rolling with a AX200 and it works great.