Uninstall Kubernetes

I have installed kubectl and kind (via home-managers home.packages), as well as enabled docker-virtualisation. After that, the fans of my laptop were running constantly and I saw a lot of active kubernetes-processes (kube-apiserver, kube-controller-manager, kubelet…). Because I don’t need kind and kubectl right now I decided to uninstall them and reinstall, if needed.

However after a reboot, the fans were just as noisy and looking into the active processes, the same ones are active as before.

Does this have something to do with docker being enabled or did I introduce state into the system while installing kubectl and kind?

Hey, kind sets up the cluster in Docker containers, you can temporarily stop it using docker ps to find the names and docker stop kind-control-plane, etc. You can also remove the installation entirely by running kind delete cluster.
Neither kubectl or kind will use resources by being added in your home.packages

Oh wow, you were right! I hadn’t deleted a cluster that I created before with kind. Deleting that cluster solved the issue. So the failure was on my end. Sorry about that.

I’ve found kind a bit heavy for development, so I switched to using k3d which is way lighter

k3s also works fine for me.

These are all tools I didn’t know of before! Thank you very much for that! I’ll definitely check them ou. :slight_smile: