Unity Desktop Environment

Any plans to add resurrected Unity (DE aka Graphical Shell) as an option along with Gnome and KDE?

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There are some PRs linked in this issue: RFP: Lomiri (Unity8) desktop environment · Issue #99090 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

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I think this refers to Unity7 (https://unityd.org/) instead of Unity8/Lomiri (https://lomiri.com/)? They’re different projects.


Unity7 doesn’t have an open RFP yet, afaict.

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Yep. I’m about refreshed Unity7. It’s actually better for typists then GNOME or KDE(IMHO), so it would be a hit if it would be adopted for NixOS…

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Hi! Would it be possible to run Lomiri as desktop on Nixos at the moment? Thanks

Not at the moment, I’d say we’re about 3-4 5-6? dependencies away from a barebones Lomiri shell & module on master though. Just need to annoy some ppl for reviews.

Progress on Lomiri/UBports related packaging is being tracked in:


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Great that sounds hopeful. Good overview thanks for that!