Unstable Home Manager


why the stable channel nixos-23.11 is providing an unstable home manager?

When I’m running home-manager switch I’m always getting this warning now

trace: warning: You are using

Home Manager version 24.05 and
Nixpkgs version 23.11.

Using mismatched versions is likely to cause errors and unexpected
behavior. It is therefore highly recommended to use a release of Home
Manager that corresponds with your chosen release of Nixpkgs.

If you insist then you can disable this warning by adding

home.enableNixpkgsReleaseCheck = false;

to your configuration.


NixOS and Home Manager are separate. So the version of NixOS used doesn’t affect what version of Home Manager you use.

My understanding of a lot of this is limited, but here’s what I would try:

  • If you’re using flakes, then ensure that the inputs.home-manager.url is pointing to the same release as NixOS (github:nix-community/home-manager/release-23.11).
  • If you’re using channels, then ensure your Home Manager channel corresponds with 23.11:
    • List Nix channels:
      • [sudo] nix-channel --list

Huh, that is indeed weird. I think it’s simply a bug.

As a workaround, what speaks against locally importing the correct one based on your Nixpkgs version, like I did in a remotely related rant?

I’m using channels, but in the stable nixos channel the home-manager version is set to unstable, as you can see from the link I posted or searching in the website

NixOS Search

I will try something like that, but it seems odd that an unstable version of the tool was pushed to the stable channel, it seems really a bug

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