Update Error usbdev.c:68:3: error: #error "Neither HAL nor USB1 found!

Hi folks,

Updating the system, I got stuck in the following error:

usbdev.c:68:3: error: #error "Neither HAL nor USB1 found!. Please install at least either of them."

Found references on fedora for usage of HAL pr LIBUSB1-DEVEL packages wich are not available on NixOS.

Does anyone have a hint ?

We did have a strange libusb/libusb1 propagation issue recently, but it would be very helpful if you can tell us which piece of software is giving this error.

Of course.

I’ll paste a photo. Unfortunately I don’t know how to save the logs in text mode.


Yep, it was what I thought it was.

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Considering this. There is nothing to be done but wait?!


  1. wait for it to hit unstable/stable (depending on what you’re using)
  2. nixos-rebuild against this branch (it’s based on unstable)
  3. apply this PR against your own fork and nixos-rebuild against that

Actually, @aszlig (the maintainer) already merged a fix y’day, so it should hit unstable shortly. That’s what I get for only checking unstable…


I am trying to run my smartcard reader for my e-Id to sign some documents.

I’ll wait do go stable.

I am very thankful. Have a nice holiday.

Wait, are you running stable? The bug should only be in unstable.


But I’ve omited the cyberjack pkg considering i am not able to use my e-Id for another reason.