Update not all packages

Hi all,

I’m using home-manager to manage my user packages in NixOS. I have packages like Thunderbird, neovim, VLC, keepass, meshlab, python with some modules etc. Because gst-plugins-base is broken and I have some packages that depends on it like wxpython and some appimage I can’t update my packages with home-manager switch. But it’s possible to update not all packages? Just the ones that not depends on gst-plugins-base?

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Maybe try using an overlay to replace gst-plugins-base with an old version, or better yet, a fixed version?

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I think its better to replace the software that depends on gst-plugins-base with a version of them that does not depend on the broken gst-plugins-base, that way one wouldn’t get updates for those software, though one also avoids hours of rebuilding software locally.

If I recall my Funtoo days correctly, a thunderbird update took many hours.

Yeah you’re right, replacing gst will require recompilation. Totally forgot that…

I solved the problem with wxpython overlaying it, changing it to no depend on gst-plugins-base. I removed temporarily the ones that need appimage. I was not able to overlay appimage.

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I solved the problem with appimage not using the appImageTools.defaultFhsEnvArgs.multiPkgs. I copied the list of of packages appImageTools.defaultFhsEnvArgs.multiPkgs from the pull request that removes gstreamer0.10 from appimage.